Double Exposure Access

DX Access
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DX ACCESS connects registered attendees (filmmakers and journalists) to the heads of the most respected and innovative organizations in film and journalism, and provides unparalleled face time with funders, producers, festival programmers, distributors, news outlets and on-line platforms, and others who can concretely advance your investigative projects. In one-on-one sessions, these executives will unpack how their organizations work, learn more about your project, and discuss the possibilities for supporting your investigation.

DX ACCESS will take place during the Double Exposure Symposium on Thursday, October 19 and Friday, October 20, 2017 at the National Union Building, and Saturday, October 21, 2017 at the Loft @ 600 F in Washington, DC. Each DX registrant will be allowed to participate in up to five 7-minute personal meetings with various industry executives. Registrants will be able to sign up for meetings with the specific organizations of their choice via a simple application process, made available in August 2017.  The organizations selected must agree that the meeting is mutually beneficial for the meeting to be confirmed. Each individual must sign up for specific meetings by Friday, Sept. 1, 5 pm EST.

Details about meeting selection will be sent via e-mail to all registrants by Friday, Oct. 6. (If you do not receive this email or have any questions, please email: