Future Imperfect: Storytelling on the Cutting Edge

October 19, 2017
1:00 pm  -  2:30 pm
National Union Building

Over the last decade, a bold spirit of innovation has emerged among visual artists who are committed to leveraging new technologies to create more collaborative, interactive, and immersive storytelling. Pioneering works in transmedia, virtual reality, gaming and other kinds of storytelling represent a convergence of forms that push the boundaries of story and authorship. How does the further mixing of professional cultures—that of filmmaker and journalist—affect storytelling? How are news organizations and documentary filmmakers redefining journalism’s possibilities using emerging tools and new technologies? What are the potentials offered by emerging technologies to tell new stories and reach new audiences? And what is their intended impact? This panel will hear from leading programmers and practitioners on the cutting edge of these new innovations, to offer a glimpse into the horizon of visual storytelling.

Session Category :  2017