Rapid Response in the Age of Trump

October 19, 2017
2:45 pm  -  4:00 pm
National Union Building

The process of making films has a particular metabolism. Many projects, from inception to completion, take months, years, sometimes a decade to bring to fruition. Yet, in the current political climate, with major scandals breaking on a near daily basis, filmmakers wishing to tackle urgent issues must work more quickly, in a range of formats and for a variety of platforms. In newspaper journalism, of course, there is an infrastructure already in place for the release of fast breaking news, but for investigative journalists, like filmmakers, stories often take months, and occasionally longer than that. How can filmmakers and investigative journalists do the kind of digging required to unpeel stories at warp speed on a daily basis? This panel explores the new challenges and opportunities presented by an increasingly tumultuous political climate, and looks at the ecosystem being put into place to support the rapid deployment of stories, from new practices, to new funders to the expansion of platforms designed to present this work and give it context, meaning and impact.

Session Category :  2017