Safeguarding Sources: A Practical Guide for Investigative Filmmakers

October 21, 2017
1:30 pm  -  3:00 pm
The Loft at 600 F

Mark Felt. Daniel Ellsberg. Karen Silkwood. Frank Serpico. Throughout history, whistleblowers have risked their lives to expose illegal or unethical activity, and have played a critical role in government accountability. Filmmakers and journalists working in the investigative mode often rely on the testimony of a crucial witness, vulnerable subject, or whistleblower, but what is their responsibility to keeping them safe, both legally and psychologically? As documentary filmmakers and journalists find themselves venturing into increasingly dangerous terrain, what are best practices for shooting and sharing sensitive or volatile information? This intensive workshop, led by the filmmaker, Sonia Kennebeck, the producer Ines Hofmann Kanna, and the subject, Lisa Ling, of National Bird — a film about the US reliance on aerial combat drones and the impact on three former operators and current whistleblowers involved in the tracking of targets — is designed to introduce practical resources and specific strategies to investigative filmmakers about how to protect sources and subjects and keep them safe during and after filming.

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