Closing Conversation: Journeys Across the Abyss in Print and Screen

October 12, 2018
4:15 PM  -  5:30 PM
National Union Building

Filmmakers and journalists alike are often drawn to unfamiliar territory — both geographically and culturally — to better understand the world we live in through more than a touristic gaze. They often spend months, sometimes even years, immersed in environments new to them, such as Afghanistan for filmmaker James Longley, whose Angels are Made of Light (DXIFF18) follows students and teachers over three years at a school in an old neighborhood of Kabul that is slowly rebuilding from past conflicts. In Ghost Fleet (DXIFF18) investigative journalist turned filmmaker Shannon Service boldly ventures deep into sea off the coasts of Thailand and Cambodia to chronicle global massive modern slavery that has become a part of industrial fishing and  the global seafood market. For journalist Janet Reitman, the abyss she crosses is closer to home. Her nuanced Rolling Stone cover story on Boston marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev sparked a firestorm of outrage for its effort to understand Tsarnaev in his fullness, and her investigations into the secretive religion of Scientology, as well as American Nazis, have yielded extraordinary new insights. Hear from these filmmakers and journalists on their process and craft, and the surprising insights and obstacles gleaned from working across geographic and cultural boundaries.

Session Category :  2018