Give/Get: Cross-Sector Collaboration in Film and Journalism

October 20, 2017
3:00 pm  -  4:30 pm
National Union Building

Journalism and filmmaking spring from two different cultures, each with their own approaches and assumptions, ethics and forms. Skills and resources that may be inherent in one profession are often not available, or even visible to the other. Increasingly, however, we are seeing cross-sector pollination, in which the work of journalists and filmmakers are integrating and overlapping. Filmmakers are embedding in newsrooms to work alongside reporters, helping those newsrooms develop visual forms of storytelling and engage with new audiences in ways print reporting alone could not. At the same time, filmmakers are selectively incorporating tenets of investigative reporting into their work, and adapting the supportive infrastructure of a newsroom, such as legal counsel, fact checking, and security measures, into their production process. The most successful practitioners, editors, and curators, on hand for this session, are aiming to achieve storytelling more transcendent than the sum of its parts.

Session Category :  2017