Double Exposure Academy

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DOUBLE EXPOSURE ACADEMY welcomes a diverse cross-section of the academic population: graduate and undergraduate students studying documentary film, investigative journalism, and more broadly cinema or media studies, who will uniquely benefit from this introduction to the industry.

Participating students and faculty receive a discounted “All Access” badge, which guarantees priority admittance to film screenings*, and symposium panels and workshops**. In addition, Double Exposure Academy will feature a daily brown bag lunch with a leading filmmaker, journalist and industry professional, curated exclusively for participants. The badge also provides access to all networking events, and includes complimentary breakfast and lunch at the symposium.

Participation in Double Exposure Academy provides access to:

  • •  Over a dozen DC premiere film screenings and post-screening discussions;
  • •  Three-day professional symposium on investigative storytelling;
  • •  Exclusive “brown bag lunch” conversations with leading filmmakers, journalists and industry professionals, designed solely for Double Exposure Academy participants;
  • •  Ample networking opportunities amongst filmmakers, journalists and industry leaders;
  • •  Complimentary breakfast, lunch and receptions.

For designated academic partners. Please contact for more info and to request your code.

* Does not include Opening Night
** Participation in workshops is on first-come first served basis.